// <![CDATA[ var colours=new Array("#F781BE", "#F781BE", "#F781BE", "#F781BE", "#F781BE"); // colours for top, right, bottom and left borders and background of bubbles var bubbles=100; // maximum number of bubbles on screen var x=ox=400; var y=oy=300; var swide=800; var shigh=600; var sleft=sdown=0; var bubb=new Array(); var bubbx=new Array(); var bubby=new Array(); var bubbs=new Array(); window.onload=function() { if (document.getElementById) { var rats, div; for (var i=0; i<bubbles; i++) { rats=createDiv("3px", "3px"); rats.style.visibility="hidden"; div=createDiv("auto", "auto"); rats.appendChild(div); div=div.style; div.top="1px"; div.left="0px"; div.bottom="1px"; div.right="0px"; div.borderLeft="1px solid "+colours[3]; div.borderRight="1px solid "+colours[1]; div=createDiv("auto", "auto"); rats.appendChild(div); div=div.style; div.top="0px"; div.left="1px"; div.right="1px"; div.bottom="0px" div.borderTop="1px solid "+colours[0]; div.borderBottom="1px solid "+colours[2]; div=createDiv("auto", "auto"); rats.appendChild(div); div=div.style; div.left="1px"; div.right="1px"; div.bottom="1px"; div.top="1px"; div.backgroundColor=colours[4]; div.opacity=0.5; if (document.all) div.filter="alpha(opacity=50)"; document.body.appendChild(rats); bubb[i]=rats.style; } set_scroll(); set_width(); bubble(); }} function bubble() { var c; if (x!=ox || y!=oy) { ox=x; oy=y; for (c=0; c<bubbles; c++) if (!bubby[c]) { bubb[c].left=(bubbx[c]=x)+"px"; bubb[c].top=(bubby[c]=y)+"px"; bubb[c].width="3px"; bubb[c].height="3px" bubb[c].visibility="visible"; bubbs[c]=3; break; } } for (c=0; csdown && bubbx[i]>0) { if (Math.random()<bubbs[i]/shigh*2 && bubbs[i]++


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